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Many people associate marketing as the last thing you do once everything else is done, but they are only thinking of making an ad and shouting out their message to the æther. Here are few other things they should have considered…

Social media

Having managed social media pages for most of my clients the secret is to add soul to your local business. Anyone from head office can add stock image to make an ad, but you can't replicate soul unless you welcome your audience to see the business through an insiders eyes.


Face to Face Sales were my foundations into business. I can tell you I learnt a lot more from interacting with 10s of 1000s of customers over multiple industries than from my uni lectures. Have your marketing be weapons for your soldiers on the front, and then let your customers join the cause.

Community | Events

People are looking for a sense of belonging. As great as the internet is, nothing can replace walking into a space you feel at home. Having worked on managing annual conventions, weekly gatherings and one off specials, your will realise it is events that build communities.

Designing the Product

I am often quoted as saying 'Don't just make a product that your business needs to advertise, make a product that advertises your business.' This is the difference between selling burgers and selling burgers that people will travel across Canberra for just because they heard their friends talking about you.

Online Tools

Webstores, Event Bookings, Newsletters are all essential tools in connecting to your customers. Luckily we are in the day and age where things that would have taken hiring contractors to do, can now be done by yourself at little to no financial cost. Let me show you how to set them up.


During my retail days, I struck gold by working in a shop where I described the products as happiness in a box. That is when I decided to jump into marketing, it is something I can also talk all day about and feel happier doing it. So even if you don't have the finances to hire a marketing firm that's fine just grab a coffee for a chat. But be careful I do love to talk all day.

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